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The Earth's Climate is Changing.
Humanity must prepare / change / adapt / survive.

People are increasingly needing WATER-TIGHT, weather-proof, SAFE shelters, and transport, powered by new CLEAN, SAFE energy.

Modules. Or "it" for short.

These housings are low cost / affordable, and EASY to make.
Use moldable NON-BIODEGRADABLE, Super Strong, water-resistant resin derived from organic hemp, or silicon (cold press).

Mass-produce /  prefabricate via government funded community co-ops. A wide variety of shapes / styles / colors are possible – conventional, colonial, space-age…

"it" exceeds current safety standards.

In each country, make, stack, store, & swiftly distribute these modern, equipped prefabs - give to the poor / the homeless - offer 0% interest-free finance - allow survivors to be bread-winners, & reduce burdens.

Please imagine New green Eco-villages – modular living – modules sited – an international network of beautiful parks - lots of trees and flowers – FREE food growing everywhere, no-one starving to death - people share, nurture, and feel happy.

Ah! “it” greens the Earth, converting carbon into oxygen.

A healthy, hassle-free life-style! No overcrowding.
No need for crime. FREE Abundant green / renewable ENERGY - a wise combination / handy low cost / easy to install kits. No power cuts. NO POLLUTION. NO BILLS to pay! No terror. No evictions, repossessions, bullying, or exploiting.

Would YOU like to live here?

"it" is WONDERFUL / Perfect / Do-able!
Do "it" as described - create Brillsville!
And you will make PEACE on Earth / "Heaven here on Earth" /

Sustainable Prosperity  + Security.

"it" is IDEAL for people of all ages / backgrounds
who wish to IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE, not sub-exist.

 "it" is more than a dream - Brillsville needs YOU – help get “it” together.

Just do “it” NOW before it is too late!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Full Green Living campaign / feasibility study: http://www.the-alternative.org.uk

Brillsville needs fans!
Find my group on Facebook and Become a fan: http://www.facebook.com/search/?flt=1&q=groups&o=65&sid=1832745882.4033689968..1&s=110#/group.php?gid=260418874437&ref=search&sid=1832745882.2722512539..1



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