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affordable, starter home, new, Green housing, module

Earthlings are increasingly going to need WATER-TIGHT housings
i.e. mass-produced new shelters, new transport, and new energy systems.
These housings are called: Modules.
Or "it" for short.

Make "it" before water laps at your door.

"it" is EASY to make!
Use NON-BIODEGRADABLE resin. "it" is molded - wide variety of shapes / styles / colours - all possible.
No heat required.
Use best quality resin to exceed current safety standards.

Do this, as I describe, and you will create Brillsville!
Believe "it" or not, you will achieve PEACE on Earth / "Heaven here on Earth," Prosperity and Security.
The planet Earth will become a place where people of all ages / backgrounds will co-exist, enjoying life instead of sub-existing.

Please imagine beautiful parks, with lots of trees and flowers - food growing naturally - yours for free, no-one starving to death, everyone shares, and feels happy.
Would YOU like to live here?

No over-crowding. Or need for crime. Empty prisons. Much less sickness. Far fewer accidents.
NO BILLS to pay!
No terror - you cannot suddenly be repossessed or evicted.
No-one can force you to kill, or legally bully you or exploit you.

"it" is wonderful! And all perfectly do-able.

Who will "it" help most?
Well, everyone will benefit from "it" even the politicians who fear "it" (because they don't understand "it")
but the young perhaps need "it"  most, because the young are faced with having their whole life ahead of them without a fair chance of securing anywhere decent to live affordably.

Imagine a global network of parks, as described,  siting small low-cost, modular starter homes enabling the young to gain independence, and live responsibly.

Imagine all those poor people whose homes are flooded - how fabulous to offer them instant housing - a new safe home, instead of giving the "lucky" few a tent, or putting them in caravans.

Imagine if those claiming welfare were offered this choice - would "it" mean hugely reduced burdens on tax-payers? YES.
(Unfortunately mad governments think welfare queues can be lessened without an alternative being offered! These governments are so wrong!)
A KIND, CARING society is the way forward.

Imagine a world where there are no homeless people - no bodies lying across door-ways, no shanty towns - no bull-dozers razing the metal corrugate and cardboard hovels whilst terrified crying children and pregnant women watch aghast unable to do anything to help improve their lot. Imagine instead nice officials who proudly give them keys to their new life, knowing in a short time they'll be bread- winners.

Brillsville needs YOU.
"it" is more than a dream.
"it" surely will happen, one day...

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Global Warming / Climate Change - Disaster Relief

Anyone interested in disaster relief should read this.

Prefabricated SUPER-STRONG, water-tight, water- resistant emergency shelters are ESSENTIAL basic equipment needed world-wide for rescuing victims of flooding.

Earthquake victims / survivors - anyone made homeless, should immediately be offered "it" i.e. one of these new styles of low-cost / affordable starter homes.

Rescue and relief is under-valued and down-played by governments who still fail to appreciate the value / worthiness of all citizens.

With worsening weather, due to Climate Change / Global Warming, governments really must make "it" priority number one - organising / co-ordinating production, storage and distribution.

New Joint Ventures are needed! Private industry, the UN, scientists, architects should all be working together to develop "it."

Communities and schools also need to be involved.

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