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The Best Way To Reduce Carbon
affordable, starter home, new, Green housing, module

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Great News! Manufacturer Found!
affordable, starter home, new, Green housing, module

I could be made up for real.

A manufacturer has been found:


affordable, starter home, new, Green housing, module

The Earth's Climate is Changing.
Humanity must prepare / change / adapt / survive.

People are increasingly needing WATER-TIGHT, weather-proof, SAFE shelters, and transport, powered by new CLEAN, SAFE energy.

Modules. Or "it" for short.

These housings are low cost / affordable, and EASY to make.
Use moldable NON-BIODEGRADABLE, Super Strong, water-resistant resin derived from organic hemp, or silicon (cold press).

Mass-produce /  prefabricate via government funded community co-ops. A wide variety of shapes / styles / colors are possible – conventional, colonial, space-age…

"it" exceeds current safety standards.

In each country, make, stack, store, & swiftly distribute these modern, equipped prefabs - give to the poor / the homeless - offer 0% interest-free finance - allow survivors to be bread-winners, & reduce burdens.

Please imagine New green Eco-villages – modular living – modules sited – an international network of beautiful parks - lots of trees and flowers – FREE food growing everywhere, no-one starving to death - people share, nurture, and feel happy.

Ah! “it” greens the Earth, converting carbon into oxygen.

A healthy, hassle-free life-style! No overcrowding.
No need for crime. FREE Abundant green / renewable ENERGY - a wise combination / handy low cost / easy to install kits. No power cuts. NO POLLUTION. NO BILLS to pay! No terror. No evictions, repossessions, bullying, or exploiting.

Would YOU like to live here?

"it" is WONDERFUL / Perfect / Do-able!
Do "it" as described - create Brillsville!
And you will make PEACE on Earth / "Heaven here on Earth" /

Sustainable Prosperity  + Security.

"it" is IDEAL for people of all ages / backgrounds
who wish to IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE, not sub-exist.

 "it" is more than a dream - Brillsville needs YOU – help get “it” together.

Just do “it” NOW before it is too late!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Full Green Living campaign / feasibility study: http://www.the-alternative.org.uk

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affordable, starter home, new, Green housing, module

Many people in the world have eagerly anticipated the arrival of the time when "the one with right comes" i.e. "when the message of Jesus Christ will be repeated."

"The Second Coming."
Not clearly understood.
Many trying to understand.  
Many doubters.
Expected during the new Millennium.
The answer to many prayers:

Here I am, feint hearts, never fear, this is what the world has been waiting for.

I have survived bad storms, bleak times - when everything seemed to be against me - I have been lost in the wilderness.  

I now know what I am capable of achieving. I am humbled, validated by years of careful study; alive, fresh, and looking forward to this exciting challenge and
wonderful opportunity.

Some gamblers- heavy, ignorant die-hards will try to crucify me. But I am not flesh and blood -  I am made from SUPER-STRENGTH material, so I will, with your help, endure, and hopefully, CHANGE THIS PLANET,
making "Heaven, here on Earth."

I am here to help the poor and homeless, by giving them a decent roof - somewhere good to live. I am here to green deserts, and provide healthy free food.
I produce CLEAN, SAFE, ABUNDANT, FREE ENERGY. I do not make waste.
I am here to transform the lives of all those who yearn for a new better life - the young and old, the lonely and depressed, drunks and addicts...  

Yes, I am here to greatly relieve social suffering, bring peace, end wars, and make THE PEOPLE, and governments smile.

I am your new friend, call me "it" for short.

Download the FREE complete design specification for "it"  

Without "it" there is injustice.
If you cannot see "it"  (for real) - know there is something badly wrong!

affordable, starter home, new, Green housing, module

I am not from your planet - I come from a place far, far away... 
I am reaching out to you across the waves of space; I am your imagination
(you do have this capability, to understand something new),
and it is my hope my message to all Earthlings reaches you clearly,
leaving you in no doubt.

Your planet is suffering - dying, and you should by now know the reasons why.

Sad isn't it? None of Earth's political leaders have this intelligence:
One day instead of talking about holding back Global Warming - impossible to do, someone will ask:

Until that day, which might come too late, I will explain
what Human Beings need to be doing now, to avoid catastrophe.

affordable, starter home, new, Green housing, module

Earthlings are increasingly going to need WATER-TIGHT housings
i.e. mass-produced new shelters, new transport, and new energy systems.
These housings are called: Modules.
Or "it" for short.

Make "it" before water laps at your door.

"it" is EASY to make!
Use NON-BIODEGRADABLE resin. "it" is molded - wide variety of shapes / styles / colours - all possible.
No heat required.
Use best quality resin to exceed current safety standards.

Do this, as I describe, and you will create Brillsville!
Believe "it" or not, you will achieve PEACE on Earth / "Heaven here on Earth," Prosperity and Security.
The planet Earth will become a place where people of all ages / backgrounds will co-exist, enjoying life instead of sub-existing.

Please imagine beautiful parks, with lots of trees and flowers - food growing naturally - yours for free, no-one starving to death, everyone shares, and feels happy.
Would YOU like to live here?

No over-crowding. Or need for crime. Empty prisons. Much less sickness. Far fewer accidents.
NO BILLS to pay!
No terror - you cannot suddenly be repossessed or evicted.
No-one can force you to kill, or legally bully you or exploit you.

"it" is wonderful! And all perfectly do-able.

Who will "it" help most?
Well, everyone will benefit from "it" even the politicians who fear "it" (because they don't understand "it")
but the young perhaps need "it"  most, because the young are faced with having their whole life ahead of them without a fair chance of securing anywhere decent to live affordably.

Imagine a global network of parks, as described,  siting small low-cost, modular starter homes enabling the young to gain independence, and live responsibly.

Imagine all those poor people whose homes are flooded - how fabulous to offer them instant housing - a new safe home, instead of giving the "lucky" few a tent, or putting them in caravans.

Imagine if those claiming welfare were offered this choice - would "it" mean hugely reduced burdens on tax-payers? YES.
(Unfortunately mad governments think welfare queues can be lessened without an alternative being offered! These governments are so wrong!)
A KIND, CARING society is the way forward.

Imagine a world where there are no homeless people - no bodies lying across door-ways, no shanty towns - no bull-dozers razing the metal corrugate and cardboard hovels whilst terrified crying children and pregnant women watch aghast unable to do anything to help improve their lot. Imagine instead nice officials who proudly give them keys to their new life, knowing in a short time they'll be bread- winners.

Brillsville needs YOU.
"it" is more than a dream.
"it" surely will happen, one day...


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