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Many people in the world have eagerly anticipated the arrival of the time when "the one with right comes" i.e. "when the message of Jesus Christ will be repeated."

"The Second Coming."
Not clearly understood.
Many trying to understand.  
Many doubters.
Expected during the new Millennium.
The answer to many prayers:

Here I am, feint hearts, never fear, this is what the world has been waiting for.

I have survived bad storms, bleak times - when everything seemed to be against me - I have been lost in the wilderness.  

I now know what I am capable of achieving. I am humbled, validated by years of careful study; alive, fresh, and looking forward to this exciting challenge and
wonderful opportunity.

Some gamblers- heavy, ignorant die-hards will try to crucify me. But I am not flesh and blood -  I am made from SUPER-STRENGTH material, so I will, with your help, endure, and hopefully, CHANGE THIS PLANET,
making "Heaven, here on Earth."

I am here to help the poor and homeless, by giving them a decent roof - somewhere good to live. I am here to green deserts, and provide healthy free food.
I produce CLEAN, SAFE, ABUNDANT, FREE ENERGY. I do not make waste.
I am here to transform the lives of all those who yearn for a new better life - the young and old, the lonely and depressed, drunks and addicts...  

Yes, I am here to greatly relieve social suffering, bring peace, end wars, and make THE PEOPLE, and governments smile.

I am your new friend, call me "it" for short.

Download the FREE complete design specification for "it"  

Without "it" there is injustice.
If you cannot see "it"  (for real) - know there is something badly wrong!


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